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What Is Dude Theft Wars Mod APK?

Dude Theft Wars Mod APK is a sandbox action-packed simulation game. It is a modified app for Android and iOS users. It has the same ideas as Grand Theft Auto Vice City but with additional and new features.

This game is all about exploring different locations with the help of other vehicles, and sometimes, users have stressful experiences in the game if the police are chasing them

dude theft wars mod apk

Features Of Dude Theft Wars Mod APK

Any app’s mod differs from the original version due to enhanced features and functionalities. DTW Mod APK offers additional features that the players did not find in the official version. Updated and latest versions now players need, and they keep updating the performances to keep the user intact with their user-friendly interface. This article will discuss different features of Dude Theft Wars (Unlimited Money):

  • Open world game
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited shopping
  • Multiplayer Mode
  • Unique Graphics
  • Mission and Story Mode
  • Variety of weapons
  • Ads Free
  • Offline/Online Mode 
  • Mini-games
  • Easy Controls
  • Unlimited Health

Open World Game

The open-world game means users can go anywhere in the game and explore the world; There are no restrictions on the player. Different sites are available for the player to visit, like restaurants, markets, and even police stations. They can roam freely without any restrictions.

Unlimited Money

Unlimited features in the game help you buy any weapon and vehicle to accomplish different tasks. It is a mod version in which everything is free and unlimited. Players can use the unlimited money feature without worrying about limited money to complete the job.

Unlimited Shopping

Unlimited shopping helps you to buy anything in the game. You can purchase different vehicles, big houses, and different weapons to protect yourself from bad people.

Multiplayer Mode

Multi-player Mode in Dude Theft Wars Mod APK is one of the game’s best and most unique feature. This unique feature allows you to add your friends or even you can interact, communicate, and play this game around the world with real people.

But one thing: if you are teaming up in the game with your friend, then if your friend is killed in the game, you will automatically get killed.

Unique Graphics

This game offers unique 3D graphics. 3D graphics make the effect realistic and original. Users enjoy different 3D effects while playing games. Excellent graphics take the level of the game up and keep the user intact in the game. It offers users different colorful palette objects and a vibrant environment. The game feels like a comic book to the person playing it.

Mission And Story Mode

Mission and Story Mode allows users of Dude Theft Wars Mod APK to complete different missions and to play other levels by strategies. These Missions and story modes makes the experience of playing game enjoyable.

Variety Of Weapons

The modified version of the game is available with the premium feature unlocked. Users do not have to do specific jobs to keep exploring new features. A variety of weapons are available for the player. The latest version of Dude Theft Wars Mod APK does not require the completion of specific jobs to upgrade cheats and features.

Ads Free/No Ads

A new and updated version of the game offers no ad features. This helps keep the game safe from ads while the user is enjoying the game. The original version of the game shows ads between different levels during gameplay and loading of the game. The moded version does not include ads to save the game’s audience from unwanted distractions and disturbance.

Offline/Online Mode

The advantage of Dude Theft Wars MOD APK is that it can be enjoyed online and offline. Game users do not require a stable internet connection if he is enjoying and playing the game offline. It helps the users to enjoy the game at any time and anywhere. But with online Mode, they need a stable and good internet connection to play the game 

Mini Games

Different mini-games are available for the users to enjoy besides Dude Theft Wars MOD APK, like basketball, soccer, shooting, etc. These games do not make the user bored. Mini-games do not require an internet connection to play.

Easy Controls

The upgraded version of the game offers easy controls to the players. Users can quickly get expert with the help of easy control of the gameplay and its user-friendly interface. The simple and easy layout of the game keeps the users from using the game and does not make the user bored with the game.

Unlimited Health

You have heard that Dude Theft Wars Mod APK offers unlimited health features. It means you cannot die in the game with limited health and resources and all the damage you take on yourself. The mod menu has this feature From there.

police chasing of Theft Wars MOD APK

What’s New

  • New Ragdoll system
  • Different camera angles
  • New customization Options
  • New vehicles
  • New Weapons
  • New Challenges
  • New Maps are included in the game
  • Different car’s camera Angles 
  • New upgraded Police chase systems
  • Amazing Sound effects
  • Option of playing with up to 16 players
  • Bugs fixations and improvements.
  • Helicopters are available for Police
  • Unlocked All locations
vehicles of dude theft wars mod apk

How To Install Dude Theft Wars Mod APK

Dude Theft Wars Mod APK is available both for Android and iOS. This article will discuss how users can get this Mod version on their smartphones. The process depends upon the operating system that the user is using.

For Android:

Installing Dude Theft Wars MOD APK (Unlimited Money) on Android is simple. Follow the simple steps:

1. Go to your device settings and navigate to download the app from unknown resources.

2. Install the app from unknown resources, but resources should be trustable.

3. Now download the APK file, and it asks your permission to smooth the app’s working. Grant that permission to get the app open on your device.

4. Once the installation process is complete, launch the app to enjoy the game.

Alternate Method

You can also use the alternate method to download the app. This method is effective and less time-consuming. First, delete any earlier version of this game from the smartphone if you have installed any.

1. First, Visit our website ( and locate the download button to download the Dude Theft Wars MOD APK on your device.

2. Initiate the installation by tapping the downloaded Dude Theft Wars Mod APK. 

3. Wait for a while for the installation of the app. Once installed, a notification will tell you that the app is successfully installed. 

4. Tap on the app to open and proceed further

Dude Theft Wars APK has several pros as well as cons.


  • Customised option
  • Easy Controls
  • Locations unlocked
  • Ads free
  • Advanced Gameplay
  • Realistic Graphics
  • Improved new vehicles and weapons

A significant problem for users is the app’s safety legality and data safety. If users have surety of data safety, they will download the app and enjoy the game without worry. Always look for sources that guarantee privacy and do not harm your device and data.

The legality of the modified version is always in question. The moded version violates the terms of the services. Always check that the moded version does not contain viruses.

Active Dude Theft Wars Cheats

Tinydudesmake in-game NPCs size small
Popoplzfor getting instant 5-star police
Heypopospawns a cop who beats your character
Daya flying ghost summons
Eveningconvert the current clock to the morning
Nightconvert the current clock to the evening
Nosforevergives nitro to in-game vehicles
Moongravitylow down the gravity to make dudes float
Dudeboltmakes your character run faster
Giantdudesmake in-game NPCs giant
Dudekongmakes our character large
Antdudemake your character size like an ant
Crowd99increase the number of NPCs
SpawnBananaa small banana spawns
SpawnEgga golden egg spawns
Spawntoyspawns a tiny car
Spawnadudea dude appears in front of you
Spawngiftspawns a gift
Spawnmilkfor spawning carton of milk
AlienInvasionspawns an alien
Spookyskeletona skeleton dude appears
Spookyghostsan orange tree summons
ChadAxegiant Chad’s axe spawns
Spawnbatsa flying ghost summons
SpawnFootballfor spawning infinite bats
Bankroba bundle of fake money spawns
Rocketsfirework rockets spawn
Suppahotslapsets your hand on fire
ChibiTownmake all NPCs head large (including yours)
MakeMeRichspawns a large fake money note
MakeHousea big house summons
MakeRoadsummons a road
MakeBuildinga giant building summons
MakeRampa ramp spawns
MakeParkHouseAlcove summons
MakeFencespawns a fence
MakeWaterTankspawns a tank of water
MakeWindTurbinea giant windmill summons
MakeTreea tree spawns
MakePineLongspawns a long pine tree
MakeBirchspawns a birch tree
MakePinemakes a pine tree
MakePinkTreea pink tree summons
MakeOrangeTreea orange tree summons
MakeGrassgrows grass
MakeFlowersgrows flower
MakeBushgrows bush
MakeLampa streetlight spawns
MakeSpaceTowera giant space tower appears
This APP was Made by Dude Mods

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Is Dude Theft Wars MOD APK available for iOS?

Yes Dude Theft Wars MOD APK available for iOS

Is Dude Theft Wars MOD APK available free to download?

Yes Dude Theft Wars MOD APK is available free to download

What's new

Islands has been remastered with new look and textures 🏝️🏙️ New roads added 🛣️ New Beaches to Explore 🏖️🐚🩴⛱️ Performance Optimizations 🔧🔨 ANRs and Crashes fixes 🐞🔫

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